Run Training is an award winning running platform for iOS and Android. Run Trainer helps and motivates users to keep running and improve their health. The app was created in 2010 for iOS only but keeps on expanding with new features and the runtrainer.com platform.

The Challenge

Run Trainer has to be usable for everyone. If you just start using a smartphone and haven’t got a history with sports. Motivating people to get up and start running is difficult but can be managed by adding a ‘personal’ coach that encourage the user and gives instructions during their training. The user needs to be able to start a training in a few taps and finish the training successfully.



  • E-mail
  • Facebook connect
  • Try for free


  • Training center
  • Free run
  • Statistics
  • Achievements
  • Profile
  • Information (about this app)


  • Avatar
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Gender


  • Weight (calories formula)
  • Birthday
  • Measure Unit (KM/Miles)
  • Measure Type (kmh - min/km)

    Training Center

  • Training schedules (locked / unlocked)
  • Training schedule overview
  • My Plan

    Training overview

  • Music
  • Lesson number
  • Total minutes spending
  • Training steps overview

    Free Run

  • Walktrough Pro Features
  • Pro features (on / off)
  • Set max (distance / time)
  • Goal (distance / time)
  • Notify user every (distance / time)
  • Music


  • Edit music player
  • Add music
  • Delete music
  • Re-order list
  • Clear list

    Achievements overview

  • Achievements show total
  • Achievement image
  • Achievements unlocked
  • Achievements locked

    Achievement detail

  • Achievement image
  • Achievement title
  • Achievement description
  • Share achievement (twitter / facebook)


  • Total distance
  • Total Average speed
  • Total time
  • Training report (title + date + sync)

    Training report

  • Map
  • Speedmap (color indication)
  • Total time
  • Total distance
  • Average speed (kmph)
  • Calories burned
  • Pace overview
  • Sync to RunTrainer.com
  • Share training report

    My Plan

  • Training overview
  • Add new training
  • Remove training

User Task Flow

The outcome


Run Trainer is a project i’ve been working on for a long time. As the community is growing the app is getting more international attention. The ‘less is more’ mindset and user feedback is key to the success but eventually the first version was the foundation, which has been awarded for the ‘Best Sport App Award 2010’ due to it’s user friendly, functional and design. I’m proud to be part of a small development team that accomplished to create this app and keep getting positive feedback from our users.