ESET is known for their cross platform security software like their Anti Virus product called NOD32. Since the introduction of NOD32 the company kept developing the software and wanted to market new and other products during the installation of the NOD32 software.

The Problem

Not many people know ESET as a security company but when asking if they know the NOD32 antivirus software it might ring a bell. ESET also wants to strengthen their other products sales by cross marketing via their own products. The challenge they came up with was a augmented reality app including a stunning 3D video that would WOW the customer.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was to create a more interactive app then a simple click here and watch the video app. As the customers of NOD32 wasn’t the most techy person we needed to make the app accessible to everyone without any augmented reality knowledge. Clear instructions (guidance during the augmented reality stage) and less buttons made it easier to use the app.



  • Start scan
  • Information
  • Walkthrough
  • Animations


  • Swipable tutorial
  • Start scan

    Scan AR Marker

  • Radar
  • Scanning sounds
  • Animation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Movie


  • Share to win
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

User Task Flow

The user tasks in the AVNOD32 app is pretty straight forward. The user has two options during the landing screen, start scanning or find more information about ESET, NOD32 and this app. During the scanning the user gets a walkthrough how the scanning works. While scanning the user gets an indication sound to remind the user an action is taking place. After the scanning is complete, the user sees the Robot mascot of NOD32 and can press a button to play the product movie.


During the startup of the projects I created a wireframe which was presented to the client. The compactness of the app made it pretty easy to understand how the app would work and the client approved the wireframes fast.

The outcome


As UX’er I am pleased with the end results. The AVNOD32 app works straight forward and on technical level it was a big challenge to give feedforward to the user and introduce them to Augmented Reality. The eventual increase in sales was way above the expectations which led to a successful project for me and the client. Although the app was effective in it’s compactness I would have recommended the client more functions. They where interested in my ideas but due to the deadline it was not possible to add these functions.