Phorce is a successful kickstarter project that developed the world's first ‘smart bag’. The bag is equipped with a lot of features and has a large (26.000 mAh) battery inside equipped with bluetooth. The bag connects with the Phorce App to see how many times a mobile device can be charged by the battery and alert the owner when forgetting their bag.

The Problem

If you travel for your work your office is mobile. Working during a long flight sounds great but impossible because your device is quickly out of battery. Also losing a bag would be a disaster for you and your company and risks security issues.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge of Phorce was to rethink the concept they started the kickstarter project. The idea itself was only to equip a bag with a large battery, but adding a bluetooth chip would enable a lot of new features. The deadline was quick and time to develop features was short. This meant we needed to prioritise the most useful ideas and make them usable in the app and connect with the hardware.


    My Bag

  • Pair Phorce Bag
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address

    My Devices

  • Search device
  • Add device
  • Select device;
  • Remove device

    Add device

  • Product name
  • XX Watt
  • XX mAh
  • Category (phone / watch / tablet)


  • Battery indicator (% / charging)
  • My devices
  • Settings
  • FAQ

    Settings (notifications)

  • Lost bag warning (yes/no)
  • Lost battery warning (yes/no)
  • 100% charged warning (yes/no)
  • Overheating warning (not optional)

User Task Flow

The outcome


Phorce was my second ‘connected devices’ project. The stakeholder gave me the freedom to rethink the concept and came up with new added features. These features aren’t available yet in the live version yet but a roadmap was created for future releases. The hardest part of this project was the different alerts users receive. Every status had to be unique and shouldn’t be annoying for the user. Due to a tight deadline the overall app experience is great but not yet what I hoped to.