Innovation is everywhere around us, even at lawfirms. Dirkzwager Laywers and Notary (from The Netherlands) wanted to make a change in their way of marketing and started to focus on innovation marketing. As one of the first dutch lawfirms they started to share their knowledge via a collection of portals. Also, they joined an alliance of international lawfirms and started sharing the knowledge international via the Legal Knowledge Portal.

The Problem

As the mobile visitors started to grow and their web portals not being optimised for the smarthone/tablet screens they needed a solution that would 1) make their portal readable on smaller devices and 2) have a unique selling point as the competitors also started to grow.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was to facilitate the 14 different portals with all kinds of categories, subcategories and tags and readable on a small device. As users already where browsing several categories they need to able to quickly ‘jump’ between categories or browse a timeline of their interested articles.



  • ‘My’ interesting articles
  • Other articles
  • Share articles
  • Read later


  • Gain points during walktrough
  • Gain points with reading
  • Gain points with sharing articles


  • View events
  • Singup for events


  • Articles
  • Choose tiles
  • Read later
  • Profile
  • My feed
  • Mediatheek
  • International
  • Events

    User Profile

  • Change avatar
  • Add biografie
  • Receive newsletter (none, daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Old password
  • New password
  • Re-enter new password

User Task Flow

The outcome


Kennisboek and Global Law where two challenging projects. Combining 14 different law themed websites into one universal (iOS) app and making it user friendly was the hardest part but the result was great. Users where able to select interesting categories and create their own personal information stream in just a few taps. On technical level I’ve learned a lot thanks to the connection with WordPress multisite and mandrill (newsletter system).