The Client

ROCvA is an organization with over 29 different colleges spread around Amsterdam area and Flevoland and has over 25.000+ students. The organization excists in multiple commions and boards.

The Problem

All boards have meetings and discuss a lot of topics on paper. Because it’s a burden to print out all documents and lift them from and to work ROCvA is looking for an option to work mobile and have documentation available in the cloud.

The solution

Working paperless is easy with an iPad with an internet connection. Also, developing a special ‘meeting app’ that is connected to their sharepoint environment will enable them to open all important documentations. Adding annotation options to the documents will help out the board members to make notes and share them eventually to other members. All authorization works via sharepoint and data will be stored secrure.



  • Sharepoint environment screen
  • Login with same credentials


  • Read authorisation commissions
  • Select commission

    Weekly overview

  • Show all meetings this week
  • Skip to previous or next week
  • Current day indication
  • Timeline current time

    Monthly overview

  • Days of months
  • All months of year
  • Show days with meetings

    Meeting detail

  • Meeting location
  • Meeting time
  • Participants
  • Visitors / speakers
  • Agenda
  • Subjects
  • Attachments


  • Edit text
  • Markdown text
  • Draw document
  • Sign document
  • Share document
  • Print document

User Task Flow

The outcome

Login screen

Select Commission

Weekly view with a meeting

Meeting details


Creating the Meeting App had some (technical) difficulties but eventually the simplicity in the app is phenomenal. The main focus was making the app as simple as using your regular calendar app, only this time with a more options and data available in the palm of your hand. The end user was able to check the meetings and make notes easy. The app will be expanded with various new options in the near future as its already marked as ‘a big success!’.