Menzis is a health insurance with over 2 million customers divided over several brands. Menzis was the first health insurance to release a ‘online only’ brand called Anderzorg. Anderzorg is focusing on young professionals (18 till 35) and engage them with new technology. Clients are able to register or edit their insurance themselves instead of calling the sales department.

The Problem

Anderzorg was a success, but after after lacking innovation for the last 2 years clients started to complain about being ‘mobile’. The cooperate website and customer portal where not responsive and the Mobile iOS/Android app was lacking features. Meanwhile, the competition has grown and was responsive.

The Challenge

One of the challenges Anderzorg had was re-creating the mobile strategy and legacy. The cooperate website and client portal needed to be re-build technically from scratch and the design needed to be mobile proof. Also, the mobile app had minor bugs but lacked a lot of required features.

The Solution

Menzis teamed up with Sogeti to focus on a mobile future for Anderzorg. The mobile apps will be renewed from scratch technically and feature wise. Enabling realtime data for personal information and declarations will create transparency for the client. Also, the clients healthpass will be added also into the app. Besides the app, the corporate website and client portal will gain ‘mobile first’ focus that will improve usability on smartphones and tablets.



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User Task Flow

The outcome


Menzis teamed up with Sogeti to focus on a mobile future for Anderzorg. Multiple brainstorm sessions helped creating a feature backlog. As Proxy Product Owner / UX designer I was responsible for the user stories, prioritizing the backlog, and user flow (see User Task Flow). The iOS and Mobile app is changed from one way communication into realtime data. The client is always up to date with it’s declarations, personal data and has the healthpass digital available in the app. The client can arrange their administration on smartphone, tablet or large screen again and has more information available then before.